Ice Rink Chillers

Thermatec, Inc. has been engineering and supplying Chillers, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Cooling Tower, and Ice Rink Defoggers for large facilities to backyard rink. We provide equipment and engineering with competitive prices.

Anodizing/Plating Systems

Thermatec Inc. has been supplying cooling systems to the metal finishing industries for more than 40 years. We specialize in the best operating systems with low operating cost.

Direct Hard Coat Cooling Systems

Thermatec Inc. Direct Cooled Hard Coat Chillers are the most efficient method of cooling. The direct cooling of a 30 degree hard coat will save about 25% in cooling operating savings and eliminate the need for control valves in the systems.

We pump the sulfuric acid solution into a specially -designed, 316 stainless- steel refrigeration evaporator, which is mounted on a complete package unit with very accurate temperature control. These systems can be supplied with either water or air-cooled condensers. Installations can be performed by a local mechanical contractor.


  • Secondary exchange eliminated, close evaporator-bath temperature approach, and lower energy cost (about 25%).
  • Need Amperes and Voltage for the system.


Thermatec Inc. Indirect cooling systems are chillers complete with secondary heat exchangers. These systems can be designed for cooling 20 degrees to 100 degrees (+) and can be supplied with remote and air cooled chillers. Multi-tank systems can also be supplied with a remote air-cooled chiller.

Free Cooling Systems

For systems above 90 degrees, they can be cooled with heat exchangers, cooling towers, and dry coolers for lower operating costs.


When the ambient temperature is 40 degrees or lower, with the use of a proper sized dry coolers we can maintain a 70 degree anodizing tank and replace the chiller.


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Company History

For 44 years, Thermatec Inc. has been engineering and supplying chillers and heating systems for process, ice rinks, anodizing/plating systems, refrigeration systems, heating systems and ambient cooling systems.