J&M Fluidics is proud of our full line of... Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers (Packaged & Split-System), Air-Cooled Digital Scroll Chillers (Packaged & Split-System) Air-Cooled Semi-Hermetic Chillers (Packaged & Split-System), Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers (Packaged), Water-Cooled Semi-Hermetic Chillers (Packaged), Weiss Series-
Portable Chillers
Custom / OEM / Private Label
Chiller Tank / Pump PackagesCity Water Change-Over and Custom Fluid Cooling Products. 




Standard Refrigeration offers a wide range of energy-efficient refrigeration solutions that handle today’s demanding applications, and tomorrow’s refrigerant and emission standards. Standard Refrigeration shell-and-tube heat exchangers offer direct cooling evaporator and condenser solutions for direct cooling and multiple circuit options.



The BITZER Group has been making a contribution with innovative products and services for 80 years. Our products maintain the optimum temperatures on buses, trains and in buildings and ensure food stays fresh at all times on its way to you. 


Drake Refrigeration

At Drake Refrigeration, we strive to provide high quality, engineered cooling solutions to a variety of end markets. Our many years of experience gives us a large library of tools and configurations designed to solve even the most complex cooling needs. So whether you are crafting a private label brewery, creating luscious pastries,  or launching a payload into space, Drake has the solution..


Scot Pumps

Manufacturer of Centrifugal Pumps

For over 50 years, Scot Pump has manufactured pumps from our plant in Cedarburg, WI. By maintaining a focus on End Suction Single Stage Centrifugals, we can offer pumps ranging from 3/4” through 12” with 1/3 through 125 HP motors in 2 weeks or less.


Amcot Cooling Towers

Amcot Cooling Tower Corporation established in 1989 in Commerce, California marketing fiberglass cooling tower in North & South America markets. With 38 years of experiences in manufacturing fiberglass cooling towers, designing a better fiberglass cooling tower become the key focus of Amcot Cooling Tower Corporation


Titan Air Products & Equipment

Established in 1983, Titan Air began providing direct-fired, make-up air units to the industrial painting and finishing market. In 1987, Titan Air diversified its product line and entered the HVAC market selling through manufacturer's representatives. Titan Air quickly excelled in both of these market areas and has become a widely respected leading manufacturer of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment.

Thermoplus air

For more than twenty years we have provided our customers with quality, innovative, high performance products carefully engineered for better indoor air. Our unique product lines offer heating, cooling, dehumidification, filtration and energy recovery solutions for commercial, residential and industrial applications.



RefPlus is a world-renowned manufacturer of refrigeration products. At the forefront of the latest
technological innovations, our equipment combines performance and reliability.


API heat transfer

API Heat Transfer is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of heat transfer technologies that service virtually every industrial market including food and beverage, dairy, compressors, air separation, chemical processing, mobile vehicles, power generation, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, and a wide variety of general industrial applications.



Capital Coil & Air is the leading manufacturer of commercial OEM HVAC replacement and custom design/build booster coils, fan coils, condenser coils, and DX Coils. We have over a decade of experience in the industry to assist you and consult with you in your coil selection process. The last name Jacobs has been an industry standard-bearer for more than half of a century, and will continue to lead the way in the HVAC manufacturing business for decades to come.